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Personal exhibition of Mikhail Georgievich Abakumov “MY RUSSIA”

State Institute of Art History Art-Yar gallery Film producer center Yur I Hit Dedicated to the memory of the artist MIKHAIL ABAKUMOV.MY RUSSIA An exhibition is dedicated to the memory of Russian people’s artist, Mikhail Georgievich Abakumov (1948-2010). All creative life of the artist was a great example of unselfish service to the art. Successor of the Russian tradition of realistic painting school established by itinerants (V.Surikov, I.Levitan, I.Shishkin), Mikhail Abakumov stick to the subject of “Small motherland”. His intention was always painting an “ideal country, which” Mikhail Abakumov “wanted to see Russia”. Born in 1948 in Kolomna city, Moscow region, the artist graduated from the Moscow art school named after Kalinin in 1968, then – All-Union Art Department (workshop of professors I.A. Shpinel, G.A. Myasnikov). Since 1975 he was a permanent participant of many All-union, All-Russian, regional, city, international, academic and group art exhibitions. Abakumov was working in the art studios of the Academy of Arts under the guidance of academicians A.P. and S.P. Tkachevy and A.M.Gritsai in 1983. Since 1980 he is a Member of Russian Union of Artists. Since 1993 – Russian honored artist. Abakumov was given a republican purse named after B.K. Byalynitsky-Birul in 2002. For his merits in the art M.Abakumov was awarded with diplomas of the USSR Academy of Arts (1975, 1987). Venerable painter was teaching in the Art Institute named after V.Surikov, in the Teachers college of Kolomna city. He was awarded with a gold medal of the Russian Academy of Arts in 1995. Master’s works are placed in the State Tretyakov gallery, museums and galleries of Moscow, St-Petersburg, Voronezh, Serpukhov, Ryazan, Kirovsk, Vologda, Tambov, Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk, Vyatki, Sarov, Zaraisk, Kolomna, Obninsk, headquarters ACEAN in Indonesia, in many private collections all around the world. A session of roundtable “Devotion to the art or the artist fate” dedicated to the memory of Honored Russian artist Mikhail Abakumov took place within a framework of the exhibition “Mikhail Abakumov. My Russia”.