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Painting workshop “Nuclear renaissance”. Novouralsk city (the Sverdlovsk Region)

Novouralsk in the Sverdlovsk Region is a city with green roofs. It reminds about good and distant Demidovskie times when the roofs on Ural were covered with malachite. Novouralsk is separated from the rest of the world by a concrete wall with merry paintings of local pupils and students. A the suburbs of the city there is a church consecrated in honor of Venerable Serafim Sarovsky – celestial patron of nuclear industry. And certainly wooded Ural Mountains, lofty and harsh. It was decided that Olga Borodai, Nadezhda Severina, Dmitry Samodranov and Aleksandr Brodsky will be telling about the city in color. There was supposed to be an exhibition of their works, but by the time of workshop opening the paintings were on their way somewhere between Perm and Khanty-Mansisk. So the exhibition was opened without paintings. Moscow artists were offered to paint the brightest impressions of the day in Novouralsk in several minutes. Olga Borodai drew the portraits of young schoolgirls of local art schools, other artists were inspired with views of Demidovsky pond and other Ural amenities. All demonstrated the highest professionalism, strong academic school of drawing and ability to find solution in hard time. Thus two weeks’ art work started.