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Personal exhibition of Irina Alaverdova “Music for the eyes”

Within a framework of the program “Culture territory of Rosatom” a personal exhibiton of Moscow painter Irina Alaverdova “Music for the eyes” took place in Elektrostal city from November 8th until December 10th 2010. The main focus of the exposition is a famous painting series “A birch clavier”. The author visualizes music impressions from works of a great German composer on the paintings of this series. Just as Iogann Sebastian Bach was remelting the alphabet of seven notes into preludes and fugas Irina Alaverdova lines up the rows of birches alternating in a weird rhythm, and changing color of a picturesque suite creates the elegance and sonority of the state. The works from the series “Suzdal, roofs of Saint-Petersburg and Paris” are also presented in the exposition.