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Personal exhibition of Garri Gordon “Horizon line”

A personal exhibition of famous Moscow artist Garri Gordon “Horizon line” took place in Angarsk city (Irkutsk region) from December 8th 2010 until January 15th 2011 within a framework of the program “Culture territory of Rosatom”. Garri Gordon praises South Russian painting school. This direction is not a style but reminds the impressionism with its external characteristics. This is the fraternity of like-minded persons who separated the freedom in equal shares. This is the space where clear shadows dictate conditions. Gordon’s painting is laidback, trustful, with its inimitable voice, breath, color. Garri Gordon in painting is a lyric, he never pays attention to the fashion, the just feels the need to express himself. At that artist voice seems almost quiet, without lyric breaths and emotional “bursts”. However this tranquility is only apparent. You can always feel a powerful movement of electricity in his small paintings, mainly landscapes or “genres”, like they are braced with inner heat, memory flashes, imagination irradiance.