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Personal exhibition of Bato Dugarzhapov “Calendar of Malevich”

A personal exhibition of Bato Dugarzhapov “Calendar of Malevich” took place in Novosibirsk from December 24th 2010 until January 30th 2011 within a framework of the program “Culture territory of Rosatom”.. A series of works with intriguing name “Calendar of Malevich” represents twelve canvas as number of months in a year where every canvas is thought by the author as the color characteristics of specific time line. An appeal to Malevich in this case is somewhat paradoxial as association with Malevich is only the format of the canvas – square. But if the famous “Black square” of Malevich marks in the author’s opinion the end of painting, then the twelve squares of Bato Dugarzhapov are exactly the opposite by the concept, they maintain painting. Each canvas has its graphic texture and color, often complex, but as always with Bato Dugarzhapov – clear and pure. Here almost all author’s palette is represented but there is no black color.