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Evgeny Lushpin — Exhibitions

Exposition of Evgeny Lushpin
1997 - Gallery "Quintessens", Utrecht city, Holland
1998 - "Golden brush", 2nd prize, CHA, Moscow;

         - Gallery “Moscow patio", Moscow.

1999 – Charity auction under the auspices of SOTBIS, m.Manezh, Moscow;

         - ART_MANEZH, gallery “Zero”, Moscow

2000 – Annual international conference of inverstors “Russia: politics, economics, power", exhibition of private collections, m.Manezh, Moscow.

2001 – International art ART-SALOON, gallery “Elena”, Moscow

2002 - "Consciousness labyrinth”, exhibition in “Fund for preservation of cultural values”, Moscow

         - ART_MANEZH, “Zero” gallery, Moscow Artist Evgeny Lushpin with a collector

2003 – ART_MANEZH, Art-Yar gallery, Moscow

         - Art fair "ARTS-2003", exhibition center “Sokolniki”, Moscow.

2005 - "Standfield-fineart" gallery, Park City, Utah, USA.

2006 - “ART-Ekspo”, New York, USA.

2007 - "City", Art-Yar gallery, Moscow.
2008 – Permanent exhibition in Art-Yar gallery, Moscow.

2009 – Personal exhibition in VIP department of VTB 24 bank, Moscow.

         - Permanent exhibition in the Art-Yar gallery, Moscow.