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Bato Dugarjapov — Exhibitions

1990 – Bato took part in the All-Union exhibition of young artists’ artworks (Moscow)

1992/94 – Participation in Russian Art exhibitions in the Drouot auction halls (Paris)

1994 – Participation in the exhibition of graduation works by art students (Moscow)

1995 - Participation in the “Image And Reality” exhibition (Central House of Artist, Moscow)

- Participation in “Carousel” exhibition (Hotel Baltschug Kempenski Hotel, Moscow)

- Solo Exhibition in the “Krosna” gallery (Moscow)

- International Art Fair “Art Moscow”. Kollekzia gallery (Central House of Artist, Moscow)

1996 – Solo exhibition (CHA, Moscow) 

1997 – Solo exhibition (Chita) Bato Dugorjapov.jpg

- Solo exhibition in the “Kalipso” gallery (Chita)

- Participation in the regional exhibition (Khabarovsk)

- Solo exhibition (CHA, Moscow)

- Participation in the “Sketches of Time” exhibition (Baltschug Kempenski Hotel, Moscow)

1998 – Solo exhibition in the “A&T” gallery (CHA, Moscow)

- Solo exhibition (CHA, Moscow)

1999 – Participation in the international art salon “Central House of Artist – 99”. “Almazovo” gallery, Moscow

- Solo exhibition (CHA, Moscow)

- Participation in the exhibitions “The World of Flowers” in Italy (Milan, Piacenza, Cremona)

- Participation in Art Salon (Manege, Moscow)

- Participation in the thematic exhibition of the Cultural Center of Russian Armed Forces (Moscow)

- Participation in the exhibition “The World of Colour” (CHA, Moscow) Bato Dugorjapov

- Exhibition in Amadeus Gallery (London)

1999 – International art saloon “CHA-99”. “Almazovo” gallery. CHA, Moscow.

- Personal exhibition. CHA, Moscow.

- “World of flowers”, Milan, Piachentso, Kremona, Italy.

2000 – International art saloon “CHA-2000”. “Almazovo” gallery, CHA, Moscow.

- «Art-saloon”. CVZ Manezh, Moscow.

- Thematic exhibition of culture center VSRF, Moscow.

- “World of flowers”. CHA, Moscow.

- Exhibition in Amadeus Gallery, London.

2002-2003 –International fairs “Art-Manezh”. Gallery “Art-Yar”, Manezh, Moscow.

2002 – Personal exhibition in design-studio «El-chentro nova», Moscow.

- «Purga II», CHA, Moscow.

- «World of things”. Hotel “Balchug Kempinski”, Moscow. Bato Dugorjapov

- «Time Luxury». Hotel “Balchug Kempinski”, “Metropol” hotel, Moscow.

2003 – Personal exhibition in entertainment center “Arbat”, Moscow.

- «Purga III». CHA, Moscow.

- «Impression”, Moscow.

- Exhibition in gallery “Art-Yar”, Moscow.

2004 – Personal exhibition in gallery “Art-Yar”, Moscow.

2005 – Permanent exposition. Gallery “Art-izba”. Village Petrovo-Dalnee, Moscow region.

- Permanent exhibition Gallery “Art-Yar”, Moscow.

- Exhibition-auction “Eternal subject”. Gallery “Art-Yar”, Moscow.

- Exhibition in gallery “Sketch”, Moscow.

- «Paris-Moscow, further everywhere”. Gallery “Art-izba”, CHA, Moscow.

2006 –Spring and autumn exhibitions “Moscow monumentalists”. CHA, MDA, Moscow.

- Art-Manezh. Gallery “Khankhalaev”. CEH Manezh, Moscow.

- Personal exhibition in gallery «Petley fine art», London.

- Exhibitions in gallery “SaloonRus”, London.

- Exhibition “Impression”, Gallery “Art-Yar”, Moscow.

2007 – Art Miami. Gallery “Khankhalaev”, Miami, USA.

- "City", Art-Yar gallery, Moscow.

- «A song to the summer”, “Paints of autumn”. Gallery “Artorg”. CHA, Moscow.

- Personal exhibition in gallery “Art-izba”. Village Petrovo-Dalnee, Moscow region.

- Moscow international saloon of fine arts

2007 - Gallery “Khankhalaev”, CEH Manezh, Moscow.

2008 – Permanent exhibition Gallery “Sav Art”, Moscow.

- Permanent exhibition. Gallery Art-Yar, Moscow.

- Personal exhibition Art-Yar gallery, CHA, Moscow.

2009 – Personal exhibition in the State Institute of art history, Moscow.

- Personal exhibition. Bank VTB 24, Moscow.

- Permanent exhibition Art-Yar gallery, Moscow.

- 27th Russian antique saloon. Art-Yar gallery. CHA. Moscow.

- «Sunny wind”. Art-Yar gallery. CHA. Moscow.

- Exhibition of Art-Yar gallery authors. CHA. Moscow.

2010 – Personal exhibition. International Art Fund. Moscow.

- Group exhibiton of Art-Yar gallery authors. The State Art gallery, Sarov city, Nizhegorodsk region..

- Group exhibition “Nuclear renaissance”. Rosatom, Moscow.

- Exhibition of “Art-Yar” gallery authors. CHA, Moscow.

- Permanent exhibition in “Art-Yar” gallery, Moscow.

- Exhibition of “Art-Yar” gallery authors. CHA, Moscow.

- Personal exhibition “Calendar of Malevich”. Novosibirsk city.