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The style of my art movement hasn't been clearly defined yet, it stays in between rusty realism and exhausted impressionism. Plus intuitive improvisation at the moment of the embodying the image.
Artist Bato Dugorjapov
Due to my slowness and backwardness I consider this style as my language.

But the most difficult is still ahead - to make this language the expression of the contemporary, to fill in an old shape with the new contents, avant-garde idea, image, spontaneous cut-off from the visible.

 I re-read this last passage and I got astonished by the categorical statements.

Probably I have to start with my preferences in art, music etc.

In Mikhail Shibanov's painting "Peasant's dinner" (XVIII century) the tragic image of the father is fascinating.

Titianian portraits amaze by their doge's expressions sympathizing with the viewer where the boundary between the viewer and the portrait is erased, and it isn't evident who is watching who and who is listening.

I like Vermeer van Delft's walls filled with light from windows and Byalinitsky-Birul's poetry.

So, I like everything that is soulful, exquisite, textured. Especially tone balance in Grabar's still lifes. He kept the force of light on a leash what led him to the Art Olympus. 

I am not a craftsman and not an innovator but an epicure. I am happy with life, run after the sun and the rain, I will never deform the world. The dummy of contemporary art tries not to define but to change the reality making it simple and imperfect. Contemporary art is the spit into the well which is its source...