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L. S. Tonkix

Everything obeys his brush A small boy was working calmly in the noisy teachers' room. On the white paperin front of him a miracle was being born - an amazing drawing executed with grace and skill showed a two-storey ancient building, a wide street, thin tree trunks and a small horse harnessed to the sledge... The young artist revealed his skills quite early. One day after the excursion about Moscow he made a drawing and brought it to the mendeleev Institute. These were the vanishing areas of old Moscow. The drawing was good and they asked the boy to make another one. The young artist was drawing enthusiastically and near him a man was watching him. For him it was a great mystery of feeling the world of art. It hapeened many years ago. The young boy was Bato Dugarzhapov and the observer was Professor of the Mendellev Institute A.Gref. This drawing and his author have a good luck. The drawing is kept at the Mendeleev Institute. And the boy grew up and turned into the remarkable artist.